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Concession Stands:
How Mining Investments Incite Protest in Africa

Accepted, International Organization.

Can You Hear Me Now?
How Communication Technology Affects Protest and Repression

Accepted, Quarterly Journal of Political Science.
with Francisco Garfias

Africa’s Unfulfilled Promise and the Path to the Future

Accepted, Yale University Press
with David D Laitin

The Geography of Repression in Africa

Forthcoming, Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Measuring the Economic Effect of Alien Tort Statute Liability

Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 32(4) (2016): 794–815.
with David K. Hausman

Defunding Dissent

Journal of Democracy 24(2) (2013): 77–91.
with Jeremy M Weinstein

Under Review

Do Elections Improve Constituency Responsiveness?
Evidence from U.S. Cities

with Simon Ejdemyr

Strategic Violence during Democratization: Evidence from Myanmar

with Mai Nguyen and Renard Sexton

Working Papers

Healthcare Delivery during Crises:
Experimental Evidence from Sierra Leone’s Ebola Outbreak

with Oeindrila Dube, Johannes Haushofer, Bilal Siddiqi, and Maarten Voors

Legible Institutions and Land Demand:
The Effect of Property Rights Systems on Investment in Liberia

with Alex Hartman and Cyrus Samii.

Survival Strategies:
How Leaders Maintain Power

Ongoing Field Projects

Enabling Local Fiscal Capacity and Investment through Property Formalization

with Francisco Garfias

Monitoring and Managing Forest Resources in Liberia

with Alex Hartman and Cyrus Samii.


Labor Standards, Labor Endowments, and the Evolution of Inequality International Studies Quarterly, 57(3) (2013): 362–379.

with Erik Wibbels